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Storm Watching in Cornwall

A Winter Cornish Escape.....The mildness of the Cornish climate in winter, with the occasional daffodil protruding through the fallen wet leaves on a woodland path and the crimson camellia buds emerging through a dark green glossy frame in a sub tropical Cornish garden can lull us into the idea that spring is just around the corner. Long, romantic strolls on seemingly endless stretches of empty beaches with a watery sun casting reflections on the water, atmospheric walks over wild moorland with gentle mists swirling around our feet and the fulfilled promises of narrow, winding lanes with high granite hedges leading to a picturesque village with a coastal pub and a hot chocolate around a roaring log fire are the quintessential Winter Cornish Escapes most people dream of.
A visit to the Cornish coast in the deep depths of winter, however, can also be exhilarating and exciting. Cornwall is probably the best place in the UK for dramatic winter Storm watching breaks, with winds on the South Coast reaching up to 110mph whipping up monstrous shell shaped waves which explode onto ancient harbour walls and historic lighthouses of Cornish coastal villages. The best way to enjoy a storm watching curl up on a window seat in your cosy Cornish cottage holiday home with a cream tea for an awe-inspiring view of the raw power of Mother nature on the storm raged Atlantic Ocean or to venture out onto the cliff tops with thunderous waves crashing below, though be sure to wrap up warm and stay at a safe distance if storm watching out in the elements. 
Our recommended places to stay:
Isolde Cottage - Pentewan - pretty cottage is a coastal village with pub and just a 3 minute walk to a winter dog friendly beach 
The SeaHoss - Mevagissey Historic Cottage built into the cliff overlooking the harbour. Storm watching packages available, to include macs, brollies & wellies if required. Cream tea and luxury Cornish Hot chocolate on arrival.
The Slipway Apartment - Luxury 2 bedroom apartment in the yachting haven of Fowey close to the slipway on the Fowey Estuary. 

Discover the ancient wonders of Cyprus

Our luxury Cyprus villas are opulent enough to allow you to enjoy your getaway without ever leaving the building.  Of course, those with a taste for history and ancient culture will surely want to venture across the island to take in some of the magnificent archaeological sites.

Tombs of the Kings

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this complex of ancient tombs and chambers was used during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, with work dating back to the 3rd century BC. The tombs are unique in Cyprus, having taken inspiration from ancient Egyptian tradition.

The Egyptians believed that tombs should resemble the houses of the living, so the seven excavated tombs of the site are extremely impressive. The most stunning is No. 3, which features a large atrium surrounded by columns, with niches driven into the walls showing where bodies were once stored for thousands of years.

Pafos archaeological site

The ancient city of Pafos was founded four centuries before the birth of Christ, and remained the centre of cultural and political life in Cyprus well into the Roman period. The vast collection of ruins left to the modern age is breathtaking, and draws thousands of visitors each year for their famous collection of intricate and vibrant mosaics.

Discovered accidentally in 1962 after centuries beneath the ground, these mosaics once made up the extensive floor of a luxury Cyprus villa from Roman times. The largest and most celebrated mosaic house, each part of its collection tells a story based around the myths of ancient Greece.

Kolissi Castle

While described as a castle, Kolissi is more like a large fortified tower, but it remains one of the most interesting archaeological sites on the island. The structure dates from 1454, and serves as a reminder of the rule of the Knights of St. John.

Accessed by walking across a short drawbridge that was once guarded by archers and boiling oil, Kolissi includes two large chambers and a spiral staircase leading up to the roof?s restored battlements and an outstanding view across the surrounding area.

For more information concerning our luxury Cyprus villas, just contact one of the team at Cyprus Escapes today. 

Unwind in an idyllic Cornish setting - choose Fowey

Why enlist the services of Cornish Escapes, if it isn't to find some of the finest holiday cottages in Cornwall? Fowey is one of the South West's most idyllic and picturesque holiday destinations. The town is located to the west of the Fowey estuary and is part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is also of significant interest to fans of architecture, coastal settings, shopping and eating out.

Fowey is home to all manner of charming narrow streets, Georgian and medieval buildings and an array of bistros and cafes. Opportunities for tasting the local produce are plentiful, especially if you're keen to devour some of the finest seafood that the UK has to offer. The town also plays host to various interesting independent shops ? ideal for those looking for special gifts to take back home.

Fowey's endearing landscape is dotted with Victorian and Edwardian houses, as well as St Catherine's Castle and a superb harbour, rich with life. Most Fowey visitors also head out to sea at least once during their break to take in the exceptional coastal views and see the giant china clay ships. Breaks in Fowey can be as educational as they are relaxing, and fact fans are catered for brilliantly by the local museum.

On the subject of all things learning, visitors are also given a warm welcome at the local Literary Centre, in which the works of Fowey's very own Daphne du Maurier can be found. Meanwhile, if you're a lover of wildlife, you have the opportunity to take a river trip that allows you to get up close and personal with some of the sea's most fascinating species.

Among our fine selection of Cornish accommodation options is a beautiful luxury slipway apartment that couldn't possibly be a better base from which to discover Fowey. This second floor apartment is perfect for anyone seeking stylish, modern yet charming accommodation and is located just five minutes away from Fowey's most talked-about waterfront shops, bistros and bars.

The apartment offers a double and a single room, in addition to a pull-out guest bed and a generously-sized luxury bathroom. Nor can one easily underrate the truly stellar views that it provides towards the river.

Talk to Cornish Escapes today if you're interested in learning more about our charismatic, comfortable and welcoming accommodation throughout Fowey and wider Cornwall - quite simply, one of the most beautiful corners of England.





A closer look at some of our most popular Cornish accommodation

Here at Cornish Escapes, we can help you to plan the perfect break to Cornwall ? one of the most popular areas for holidays in the United Kingdom. We can direct you to a wide range of Cornish coastal cottages to suit a whole host of needs, and whether you wish to stay in a pet-friendly cottage, romantic hideaway or waterside apartment, we can make that happen. All of the properties that we look after are personally inspected and offer the highest standards of cleanliness, as well as many useful facilities.

Beachside Cottage near Mevagissey is one of our most popular accommodation options. Choose Beachside and you will be located just steps away from a picturesque sandy beach. The cottage is situated in a classic English village, playing host to a traditional Inn and local shop. This cottage is ideal for couples and small families, as long as your children are aged six or over. We may be able to accept your dog if you have one, so just get in touch to see what we can do. If you are interested in embarking upon a classic quiet beach holiday in a serene location, Beachside could well be ideal.

Also popular amongst Cornwall holiday makers is the coastal cottage/old granary in Bodinnick-by-Fowey. The Granary was first built back in the 16th century and has been tastefully renovated into a fine rural retreat. It is situated near the river, in a quiet, small village that is home to another warmly-welcoming Inn and a farm shop. The yachting paradise of Fowey can be easily reached on foot from the cottage. Fowey offers a range of exceptional waterside bistros and galleries. There are also many local farms in the area, from which you can obtain all kinds of locally-made produce. Cornwall attracts many visitors due to its authentic cider, which can be obtained from a variety of friendly establishments.

You can get in touch with us at any time if you have any queries about planning the perfect break in Cornwall. We are experts when it comes to the area's attractions as well as its history, so why not contact us today to learn more about our highly hospitable accommodation in what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of England?









Why bring your dog to one of our pet-friendly cottages in Cornwall?

Britain is a nation of dog-lovers, and more and more families are choosing to take their cherished canine buddy with them on holiday. Here at Cornish Escapes, our pet-friendly cottages in Cornwall are just some of the numerous venues around the United Kingdom that allow holiday-makers to do so, with the natural beauty of the surrounding area making them an even more ideal choice for a dog-friendly break.

One of the most popular reasons for bringing the family pooch along on a holiday is simply that owners forgo the guilt that often comes with leaving them back home. After all, dogs love their humans even more than humans love their dogs, and knowing that they?ll be missing their owner at home often brings the owner down while they?re supposed to be relaxing.

Of course, there?s also the more practical aspects. Leaving your dog behind often means putting them into a kennel. These can get expensive if you want your pet to be well taken care of, and dogs often think that they?re being abandoned if they?re put in a new place without any familiar people around. Some people are lucky enough to have friends or family members available to look after the dog while they are away, but relying upon them is always a little tricky. Far better to take your dog along with you!

A dog is a member of your family, so it only makes sense to bring them on holiday. You will have your faithful friend around to spend quality time with, something that can be especially beneficial if you have younger children who might become homesick without their favourite pet. Your dog can even help you to make friends with other families.

Of course, our Cornish accommodations are particularly popular with canine-loving families due to the locality's stunning natural landscapes. The diversity of surrounding scenery and the picture perfect seaside towns are just the recipe for long, memorable walks, and your dog will be only too happy to motivate you to explore them. Discovering those stunning hikes and strolls with your dog is a great bonding experience, and is likely to prevent the kids becoming bored after the first few miles.

Dogs aren?t just pets ? they?re a loyal companion and, after all, man's best friend. That?s why, here at Cornish Escapes, we?re proud to offer such well-appointed pet-friendly cottages in Cornwall. Just contact one of our team members today for more information.


Why couples can enjoy enchanting moments with our romantic Cornish hideaways

Many couples are eager to occasionally completely take time out from their usual hectic home and work lives, and trade them for a more soothing setting where they can enjoy quiet times with each other - and only each other. Such a setting can be hard to come by in an increasingly urbanised country, but the romantic Cornish hideaways available for rental from Cornish Escapes tick all of the vital boxes.

It isn't difficult to feel the romance flowing in Cornwall. The county is one of England's most rural, meaning that there is plenty of beautiful natural scenery for couples to gasp at. The area's moorland landscapes and lengthy coastline are clear attractions, but we would especially recommend that couples visit Bodmin Moor, a granite moorland that is part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Given this abundance of organic beauty, it is hardly surprising that Cornwall has inspired many writers and artists. Renowned artists associated with the Newlyn School, the biggest current collection of work by which is held by the Penlee House Gallery and Museum in Penzance, include Elizabeth Forbes and Norman Garstin. Meanwhile, D. H. Lawrence, most famous for writing the influential romantic novel Lady Chatterley's Lover, also spent time living in Cornwall.

So, there is a lot for a couple to enjoy in various parts of this unassuming county - and also at one of our romantic Cornish hideaways that they can return to as the day's end approaches. All of the accommodation that we offer is right beside the sea, so couples can feel relaxed by the sound of the gentle lapping of water as they settle down for the night.

However, each of these romantic Cornish hideaways also comes with its own unique selling points, which enables us to please an even bigger variety of couples. If, for example, a beach holiday is what both partners are seeking, our Pentewan bolthole just a few minutes away from a generous stretch of beach should be right down their... beach, of course!

Alternatively, if a couple thinks that being surrounded by picturesque history would create the right atmosphere for romance, they can consider our 16th century cottage near Fowey. As well as the building itself, the local 13th century Old Ferry Inn will enchant history buffs. More details about Cornwall accommodation for hire from Cornish Escapes can be read on our website.

Cornish Escapes - your one-stop source of holiday cottages in Cornwall

The peninsula of Cornwall in the south-west of England may be remote from much of the rest of the country, but its appeal is far from distant. Indeed, it has long enjoyed extremely strong popularity among tourists, on account of a distinctive culture, stunning landscapes and a bearable, but pleasant climate. It's no wonder that so many people search online for holiday cottages in Cornwall like those offered by Cornish Escapes.

Cornish Escapes caters for all of your needs if you are looking to rent a holiday cottage in this remarkably enchanting part of the United Kingdom. Whether you are seeking the perfect romantic refuge, a pet-friendly cottage or a comfortable waterside apartment, and whether your target area is St Austell Bay, Fowey River Valley or Mevagissey Harbour, you are sure to find something to suit among our strong complement of personally inspected accommodation.

At the time of typing, our selection of holiday cottages in Cornwall includes a pretty beachside bolthole just a few minutes' walk from an inviting stretch of sandy beach, a 16th century riverside farm cottage in close proximity to the yachting paradise of Fowey, and a historic harbourfront house built from a shipwreck, perched on the wall of Mevagissey Wharf. The latter may seem especially spectacular, and certainly represents a priceless opportunity to experience a unique piece of the history of Cornwall, but it is nonetheless just one of our highly distinguished properties.

But those are not the only accommodation options that we can bring you here at Cornish Escapes, and we are continually on the lookout for new potential additions to our portfolio. However, as soon as you look at our present properties, you will see that our emphasis is firmly on quality rather than quantity. There are simply no better holiday cottages in Cornwall for experiencing everything that this desirable and fascinating region has to offer.

You might choose to holiday in Cornwall for many different reasons, ranging from the dramatic coastline and alluring beaches to the rich artistic scene of the west of the region and cuisine that gives even the finest London restaurants something to think about. We could list many more, but we're sure that we don't need to.

Instead, here at Cornish Escapes, we will continually make ourselves available to answer to your most pressing requirements from a holiday cottage in the area. Why not get in touch today to make your Cornish holiday dream come true?